Perspective: Mental and Physical Training In Esports

Evan Tipton, Esports Advisor, for NGame Esports shares his perspective about mental and physical training in esports.

Photo by Bahaa A. Shawqi from Pexels

Endurance training has become a major priority for pro esports athletes. In some cases these players may have never participated in any type of training before. How can esports teams manage this to maintain the health of their players?

Physical fitness and mental health is extremely important when it comes to esports. A Lot of teams have already discovered that a healthy body can help lead to a healthy mind. Studies have shown that physical exercise leads to increased mental health and can help prevent diseases such as depression.

Due to esports being a mainly mental game, having any distraction can determine the difference between victory and defeat. In order to maintain peak mental performance I recommend scheduling time within your players day for a workout routine. Whether it be gym time, or simply taking a walk. Moving around and getting the heart rate up will help create the dopamine that is needed to improve mental health. If players have never really done any physical fitness before, let them move at their own pace.

Mental focus and nutrition also impact a pro esport athlete’s performance. Do you anticipate esports teams to become more creative with team schedules and player management to make sure players are in the best position mentally?

Teams such as Cloud 9 and Optic already take mental health and diet into account. This is why some organizations choose to hire nutritionists and psychologists to assist their players. Some teams have mandatory (Backpack unloading) days, which are simply group and 1 on 1 discussions with a psychologist in order to help ease the mental burden some may be struggling with. The key to this is repetition, making sure players participate and are aware of the benefits of these services will help ease them into something like this. I anticipate this becoming a general norm for all teams to have in the future.

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