Perspective: Warriors Gaming Squad Deal With Chase

credit: NGame Esports

John Macone, Former Esports Advisor, for NGame Esports shares his perspective about the partnership between Warriors Gaming Squad and banking institution Chase.

Warriors Gaming Squad signs a partnership deal with major bank Chase which include financial literacy sessions. This can be a huge advantage in recruiting new players. How can other esport organizations learn from this?

As esports become a more prominent field where organizations must incentivize themselves to potential recruits, benefits and perks that support players’ livelihoods can go a long way. Initiatives like team housing, salaries, and equipment from sponsors are a growing standard, but supplementary needs like professional counseling, health insurance, financial assistance, and fitness and nutritional instructors can differentiate themselves from the competition.

Should teams/organizations institute the financial literacy sessions within the individual players’ schedule or should these be executed in a team group setting?

I would recommend that financial literacy sessions be conducted within individual players’ schedules. Many players have different financial needs, wants, and concerns, which can be compromising to team trust if forced in a group setting. This also encourages players to feel that their individual needs are being met, an integral process of recruitment and retention. This is much the same way as one would expect a nutritionist or physical therapist to operate, allowing them to also be more comprehensive and specific to each players’ situation.

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